Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Papa & the Princesses

Paige found out what princesses were on our recent trip to Disneyland. While she didn't really enjoy having her picture taken with them, she LOVES playing with the 7 plastic princess figurines we brought home. One day I found her doing this:

She was estatic to find "Papa" in Honey's closet and add him to the mix.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008


What could possibly be better than hearing your toddler say "I love you" (unprompted and without you saying it first) for the first time? Not much.

Monday, October 27, 2008


Have you ever been 'unfriended' on facebook? 'Cause I'm pretty sure I just was. I'm not positive why, but I have a pretty good idea it was because of this:

At first I was a little hurt - we became friends in middle school! - but we haven't spoken since high school and our lives have taken very different paths. Then again, that's what facebook is all about - keeping in touch with people you haven't seen in forever.

I must have really ticked him off when I started inviting people on facebook to join the cause Protect Marriage: One Man, One Woman. But I didn't invite him (I'm not that insensitive) . . . he must have read about it on the news feed . . .

Oh well. This isn't the first time I've lost friends for my beliefs. And even though I can't really call California 'home' any more, this cause means too much to me to stay quiet. If any of my readers do live in California and are registered to vote there, I encourage you to VOTE YES ON PROP 8! If you need more incentive than that, or you have no idea what I'm talking about, here are a few websites you should take a look at:

and an article that applies to my particular situation:

Disagree but don't be unkind

Orson Scott Card said it way better than I could have. Shocker.

Quick Trip "Home"

Over the weekend, Paige, Papa, my sister Chelsea, and her son Andrew and I took a quick 2 1/2 day trip to Palos Verdes. I went for a cheerleading reunion (wow! it's been 10 years since I last cheered during a football season); Ruben went to pick up a chopper (new project!) from his brother; and Chelsea went just for fun and to be my date at the cheer reunion/cocktail party.

On Friday afternoon we went to Peninsula High School's homecoming game against Leuzinger. The Panthers lost (I guess we were the Leuzers this time, hee hee), but it was so fun to catch up with friends, watch the current pep squad do the same cheers I did 10 years ago, and visit with one of my favorite ladies - my high school cheer coach.

That night my co-captain, Priscilla, threw a cocktail party at her apartment in Santa Monica. Only about 9 girls out of the ~30 members of our cheer/song squad were able to make it, but oh what fun we had! It was really great to see those girls, uh. . . I guess they're women now. Many memories game flooding back when Darcy showed up in her varsity uniform!

On Saturday, Chelsea and I took the babies to RAT beach. Paige and Andrew had a great time playing in and eating the sand. Paige like to smear sand all over both of us mommies, even insisting on painting my face with it. Surprisingly neither baby was scared of the water, and since the tide was low we took a little walk collecting shells. Here's a short video of the cuties playing: (WARNING! Turn down the volume, otherwise my voice is shrill - it will hurt your ears!)

Saturday afternoon we swam at my grandparents' and then had a nice long nap. That night we went to Crestridge Ward's trunk or treat. Paige and Andrew quickly caught on that people were just GIVING away candy; I don't think we are going to have any problems trick or treating this Friday.

Sunday morning we started back for St. George, stopping in Las Vegas to watch my sister Amber's kids' primary program in church. Amber and her husband even had a part when they sang a song with their kids. They did such a great job. We had dinner that night at Amber's - YUM.

It was a pretty short trip, and we had a great time. I always love going home, even though it's not "home" anymore.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

where to begin?

I guess I'll start where I left off . . . with Disneyland!

I wanted to take a picture of Paige walking through the turnstile by herself on her first trip to Disneyland. She looked up, was afraid she'd hit her head on the bar, and decided to crawl.

Not the clearest picture (there is a scratch on the camera lens; right in the middle, dang it!) But you have to include the traditional entrance picture, right?

Paige's first encounter with a real princess. As you can tell, she took this very seriously.

The end of our first day at Disneyland. Paige actually enjoyed wearing her "ears", and if she had them on, then we better all be wearing them!

Unfortunately, she recently developed an aversion to smiling when taking a picture. Even though you may not be able to tell, she really did have a good time.

On our second day, Paige got a special outfit to wear at the big Disney store in Downtown Disney.

She wasn't so sure about the princesses we met the second day at the Princess Fantasy Faire. But Ben didn't seem to mind :)

Riding the teacups.

Riding Dumbo. The Dumbo line was the longest line we had to wait in and that was only 15 minutes! Talk about a perfect 2 days to be at Disneyland.

Yay! Finally a smile! Trying to pull the sword out of the stone. I actually accomplished this feat as a little girl and became queen of Disneyland for the day. No joke.

We had a GREAT! time at Disneyland. And Paige smiled A LOT more than is evidenced by the pictures. We also went to California Adventure but somehow ended up with ZERO pictures of our time there. Probably because Paige fell asleep in her stroller for most of the time we were there and I got really ill riding the roller coaster and had to sit in one place for like a half hour while I recovered. I must be getting old because I never used to get sick on rides. And no, I am not pregnant.