Friday, November 2, 2012

Claire is 3

We've had 2 straight days of birthday celebrating around here. It started off yesterday morning with "birthday donuts" and Claire's first present (notice the birthday banner in the background). The present was "Cinderella". It's been on almost constantly since.

After we got ready for the day, we did a little photo shoot. I really wish I were a better photographer. There's only so much a nice camera can do. Can you see her sticky mouth from all the Halloween candy she's been scarfing down?

After a delicious dinner of goulash (which nobody complained about! and everybody ate!) and death bread, Claire got to open the rest of her gifts (with quite a bit of unnecessary assistance from her big sister). A great set of books from Usborne (of which my sister Chelsea is a consultant) and a couple of adorable dresses from Honey and Papa. 

And then her gift from her mom and dad. A wooden castle that's been a huge hit (it costs way less on Amazon)

And it fits the little plastic Disney princesses perfectly. Remember this? We still have them all. Although Cinderella's head fell off today :(

And then we sang happy birthday and ate cookies because we were saving cake for . . .

. . . today at her princess party! I didn't take very many pictures, but we had some neighborhood and ward friends over for a little princess pizza picnic pinata party. The weather was gorgeous so we had a picnic in the backyard.

And a pinata (full of toys since Halloween was just 2 days ago) in the garage.

And then cupcakes!

I love this face right after blowing out her candles.

When the last guest left, Claire looked at me with sad eyes and said, "Mommy, why is my party over?"
If only parties would last forever, then no one would ever have to clean up. :)