Wednesday, April 30, 2008

More Seattle

Paige figured it was her job to push our luggage cart through the airport.

On Thursday we spent 7 hours at the Museum of Flight. Here we are with our private tour guide (Papa's brother-in-law) who is a docent at the museum.

Standing outside Air Force One just like Jackie O. This one was retired in the early 90's

Tons of tulips like these were on sale at Pike's Place Market. Gorgeous! We were there on Friday.

Paige loved the statue of the pig.

Look who we ran into randomly at the market! So unexpected! Micalena was in town for a friend's wedding. Running into her was such a happy surprise.

A whole fish, anyone?

On Saturday, Honey and Papa drove a couple of hours to see these tulips fields.

While Honey and Papa were at the tulip fields, we went to the Space Needle. Paige played with the tulips there.

The Space Needle from below. We went up to the top, but didn't get any great pictures. The view was spectacular though.

On Saturday evening Papa, Ben, and I did a session at the temple in Bellevue while Honey watched Paige outside.

Ben playing with Paige outside the temple.

We really had so much fun in Seattle. It's such a great city! We had great weather too - it was pretty cold but didn't rain much. Other things we did that I don't have pictures of include: ate dinner TWICE at the Cheesecake Factory (Ben hadn't ever been there before), shopped at the FLAGSHIP Nordstrom, and went to a Seattle Mariners game. They lost to the the A's, but we got Ichiro bobblehead dolls!

It was so hard to say goodbye to Ben again. I think I handled it a little better than last time, but still it was very difficult. Paige actually made it easier with her antics during our last moments together. Besides pretending to drive the car, adjusting the radio volume, and turning the interior lights on and off, she couldn't stop saying "Dada" and smothering Ben with kisses, smiles and waves.

I can't help but be grateful that we are experiencing this separation in a time where we'll be able to talk frequently, see eachother on webcams, and pictures and videos can easily be accessed on the internet. With any luck, Paige will still remember her daddy when he comes home, or at least recognize him!

Love you, Ben! Travel safely. We look forward to hearing from you as soon as you can call, and our thoughts and prayers are with you :)

Self Feeding

Paige has begun to insist on feeding herself. Needless to say this is not my favorite.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008


Paige and Ben reuniting at the airport in Seattle after a two month separation. This picture just makes my heart break; she loves him (and vice versa) so much!

We had a great 4 1/2 day visit with Ben in Washington this past weekend. We just got back this morning. Ben's National Guard unit had a 4 day "pass" before they leave sometime soon for the middle east (specific travel information is "classified"). We had a really wonderful time being together again. I'll post more pictures of our trip soon.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Words Paige Can Say

Everyday there's a new surprise (sometimes more than one) for me as far as Paige's development goes. I'm almost always a little shocked that I hadn't seen it coming. Like today, I left the door open when I went to get Paige from her nap, and there were birds chirping outside. I hardly noticed them, but Paige perked up looked around and said "bird!". I wasn't sure that's really what she was saying at the time or that she even connected birds with chirping, but then a few hours later we went to the window to look out at the goldfinch in Honey's feeder, and Paige pointed at it and again said "bird". Whoa! When did she learn that? Papa also informed me that this morning Paige said "Honey" several times while I was getting ready for church. Other words Paige can say include: dada, mama (this has morphed into "mom" lately), hi, up, oh, this, walk, book, thank you, and, of course, papa. And although she doesn't say yes or no yet, she clearly communicates both with vigorous head nodding and shaking. She also clucks like a chicken, hisses like a snake, and says zoom zoom for a racecar. Wow! Six weeks ago she could only say dada, mama, and hi.

She has also become interested in climbing lately. Today in Sacrament meeting she tried to climb a rolling bag (small suitcase size) belonging to an older woman who sat behind us; she squeals with delight whenever she spots Honey's stepladder, and this afternoon I caught her standing up backwards in her jogging stroller on the back porch. How in the world did she get up there?

I'm not posting this because I think Paige's development is exceptional--seriously, I think my niece Kate was speaking in paragraphs by 14 months--it's just crazy to me how fast it can all happen!

Monday, April 14, 2008

St. George

I really haven't posted much yet about what our life is like now that Paige and I live with my parents. Since we've been here over a month and half now, it's probably time to do that. Truthfully, it really is the ideal situation considering the circumstances. I'm really grateful to my parents for opening their arms and home to us while Ben is away. We are so lucky to have them, and the support of our other family members which makes our separation much easier to bear.
I can tell Paige misses her "Dada" (she lights up and says "dada, dada!" whenever I play video of him reading her stories), although living with two grandparents is lots of fun. Papa talks to Paige a lot, takes her on long walks in the stroller, rides in the cobra, feeds her Honey's drink (Diet Coke) and chocolate chip cookies, sings to her, CHANGES DIAPERS!, and just genuinely likes having her around (he does numerous other things with her too, but the list is getting too long). Honey also makes life fun with loads of cool stuff to get into in her craft room (which she had to reorganize to make room for Paige's crib and typical 1 year old curiosity), very interesting jewelry, awesome seasonal decorations, and great playtime ideas. Paige also enjoys splashing in the fountain, bathing in the giant tub, and swinging in the backyard.
My life is also more full than it otherwise might be. I have two of my best friends (my parents) that I can hang out with anytime I like, lots of help with Paige, a sister and nieces and a nephew 10 minutes away, and a very friendly new ward. I was also recently called as a den leader for the 9 year old cub scouts, which has turned out to be a lot more fun than I anticipated, especially since I have a very competent co-leader who has already been running things for over a year. And there is even another girl in the ward who moved in with her parents the EXACT same week I did in an almost identical situation. Her husband is in the Special Forces, and she has a 2 year old son.
Although we are away from Ben (and would love to have him back if we could!) I feel that the Lord loves us and is blessing us through our family members and friends! Thank you all for your love, friendship, support, prayers, etc.

Paige playing with Honey's necklaces:

Paige and me at Bryce Canyon:

Paige "reading". She did this all by herself!:

Paige and Andrew playing in the fountain:


For some reason, Paige's first pigtails seems like a milestone that I need to document. I don't know why I hadn't done her hair like this before today. . .I guess I was just content with the one ponytail on top of her head. But now I think this new hair-do is much better. Except it takes twice as long to do . . .