Monday, April 14, 2008

St. George

I really haven't posted much yet about what our life is like now that Paige and I live with my parents. Since we've been here over a month and half now, it's probably time to do that. Truthfully, it really is the ideal situation considering the circumstances. I'm really grateful to my parents for opening their arms and home to us while Ben is away. We are so lucky to have them, and the support of our other family members which makes our separation much easier to bear.
I can tell Paige misses her "Dada" (she lights up and says "dada, dada!" whenever I play video of him reading her stories), although living with two grandparents is lots of fun. Papa talks to Paige a lot, takes her on long walks in the stroller, rides in the cobra, feeds her Honey's drink (Diet Coke) and chocolate chip cookies, sings to her, CHANGES DIAPERS!, and just genuinely likes having her around (he does numerous other things with her too, but the list is getting too long). Honey also makes life fun with loads of cool stuff to get into in her craft room (which she had to reorganize to make room for Paige's crib and typical 1 year old curiosity), very interesting jewelry, awesome seasonal decorations, and great playtime ideas. Paige also enjoys splashing in the fountain, bathing in the giant tub, and swinging in the backyard.
My life is also more full than it otherwise might be. I have two of my best friends (my parents) that I can hang out with anytime I like, lots of help with Paige, a sister and nieces and a nephew 10 minutes away, and a very friendly new ward. I was also recently called as a den leader for the 9 year old cub scouts, which has turned out to be a lot more fun than I anticipated, especially since I have a very competent co-leader who has already been running things for over a year. And there is even another girl in the ward who moved in with her parents the EXACT same week I did in an almost identical situation. Her husband is in the Special Forces, and she has a 2 year old son.
Although we are away from Ben (and would love to have him back if we could!) I feel that the Lord loves us and is blessing us through our family members and friends! Thank you all for your love, friendship, support, prayers, etc.

Paige playing with Honey's necklaces:

Paige and me at Bryce Canyon:

Paige "reading". She did this all by herself!:

Paige and Andrew playing in the fountain:


lori said...

Thank you for the update..can I move in after you leave? I would certainly like sips of Diet Coke and cookies. You ARE so blessed to have such great family..I feel the same way!

Ali said...

So cute. It's good to catch up. How are you?
Love ya, Ali

kurt&jordan said...

Paige is growing up so much, I can't believe it! When are you guys coming down next? I'm glad life is going as good as it can without Ben. You are lucky to have the family that you do, I'm sure that helps.. Can't wait to see you guys.. Hopefully soon

Emily said...

I am glad things are good under the circumstances and that you have help with Paige! We need to get together soon!

meagan said...

glad things are going so well. i LOVE paige's pig tails. Josie from PV says hi

The Watsons said...

I'm with you - it sounds like the Lord has really blessed you with ideal help during a non-ideal situation. How long is he going to be gone?

The McDonoughs said...

Sweet! I was on your blog before I even knew it! I'm posting Powell pics on mine. Let me know your e-mail, and I'll send you all of them. I love your blog. That picture of you and Ben when he got home from Iraq is priceless...kind of romantic. :)