Saturday, October 31, 2009

They learn young. . .

Ben took Paige trick or treating around the neighborhood this evening while I stayed home to pass out candy.

They visited our elderly next-door neighbor who handed out little bright red apples. As Paige trotted away to the next house she complained for all to hear, "You go trick or treating for candy, NOT APPLES!"


Happy Halloween

from Little Red Riding Hood and The Big Bad Wolf as Grandma

Friday, October 30, 2009

Mission Call

My parents received their mission call yesterday.

They have been called to serve in the Columbia, South Carolina mission. And they will report to the MTC on December 7th.

Any of you who know my stepfather most likely have never seen him beardless. . . until now.

3 weeks ago . . .

I blogged about this.

I am happy to report, we are now much more ready for our little girl to arrive.

The linen shelves in the laundry room are up and stocked with clean linens.

My boxes (and boxes and boxes) of clothes are sorted and put away.

The spare room (office/craft room) now only contains boxes of office/craft supplies (which are still not unpacked because we have yet to purchase furniture for that room).

Still nothing hanging on the walls in the upstairs living room, but I did decorate for Halloween!

The toys have been unpacked, sorted through, and they have a permanent home.

The downstairs living room is furnished and box free! There are even a few things hanging on the walls :)

Paige's big girl room is under way. . . hmmm, maybe I can put my mom to work on that when she comes to help with the baby . . .

39 weeks

I showed the following picture to Paige this morning and explained that that's how our baby fits in my tummy.

After Paige asked what the uterus and the placenta were (and our discussion that followed), these were her thoughts:

"I like it!"

"How come she's laying down?"

And my favorite:
Referring to the umbilical cord, "Does she have a blanket in there?".

Monday, October 12, 2009

Conversation with Paige

Me: Paige, did you know the baby is coming soon?

Paige: I want her to come right now.

Me: You do?

Paige: Yeah, so I can squeeze her and hug her and give her a smooch.

Me : That's so nice! What else are you going to do with her?

Paige: Ummm, change her diaper!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Only 4 Weeks Left

. . . til my due date.

Where has time gone?!

This pregnancy has gone by so fast! And I'm not sure I'm ready for it to be ending so soon.
I know. . . people think I'm crazy when I say that. But I'm feeling pretty good - a little low in energy and some restless nights, but other than that the discomforts haven't been too bad. I am perfectly happy to live with those things for 4 weeks (or even more, honestly) since it means having more time to finish projects around the new house and finish preparing for the new baby.

There is still so much to do.

The linen shelves in the laundry room are only 3/4 of the way done. Which means the boxes of extra linens are not unpacked.

Can you believe I haven't even unpacked my boxes (and boxes and boxes) of clothes? Who wants to sort through and make space for a bunch of stuff you can't even wear?

The spare room (office/craft room) is still just a pile of boxes with stuff we obviously don't need or know what to do with (those boxes have been packed up for over a year and a half and we haven't had to get into them in the 2 months we've lived here).

I haven't hung anything on the walls in the living room.

The toys have to be sorted through and found a permanent home.

We need furniture for the downstairs living room and the office - but can't do much about that til we move out the boxes.

And I'd like to transform another room into Paige's big girl room and move her out of the nursery, but that entails a whole list of other projects that really can't get done until the rest of the list is completed. . . which means the baby will be rooming in with me for a while.

This new house thing should be fun. I think it would be if I had unlimited funds and/or time.

Baby girl, as excited as I am to meet you, just stay put as long as you'd like.