Friday, October 30, 2009

3 weeks ago . . .

I blogged about this.

I am happy to report, we are now much more ready for our little girl to arrive.

The linen shelves in the laundry room are up and stocked with clean linens.

My boxes (and boxes and boxes) of clothes are sorted and put away.

The spare room (office/craft room) now only contains boxes of office/craft supplies (which are still not unpacked because we have yet to purchase furniture for that room).

Still nothing hanging on the walls in the upstairs living room, but I did decorate for Halloween!

The toys have been unpacked, sorted through, and they have a permanent home.

The downstairs living room is furnished and box free! There are even a few things hanging on the walls :)

Paige's big girl room is under way. . . hmmm, maybe I can put my mom to work on that when she comes to help with the baby . . .

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heidizinha said...

Wahoo! I love nesting!