Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Drink Stealers and Scared of Mice

Both phrases describe Paige and my niece Maggie at the river. Watch the video below of what happens when Papa catches a mouse at the beach.

Tousin Fwends at the River

Well, we are home from the River a week earlier than originally planned and in just a couple of days we will be heading off to Grandma & Grandpa Miller's in California, so I better get these river pictures uploaded now (before the end of the month when there will be too many to sort through).

'Tousin Fwends' is my cousin Marci's son Porter's term for 'cousin friends' and it has now become a regular part of our vocabulary as we often look forward to getting the kids together. Out of the 5 girls in my family, 4 of us had babies between August '06 and April '07. And my mother's sister's daughters are having them even faster than we are, in fact the 20th Great Grandchild is on his/her way. So yes, there are a lot of babies around.

Here are a few pictures of Andrew and Maggie and Paige at the river this month. Sadly, Anna, the fourth Tousin Fwend was unable to make it.

The babies loved riding in the boat; doing so often led to a nap, as you can see Andrew is snoozing in his dad's arms. They all enjoyed toddling around in the mini splash park. And Paige enjoyed doing anything Maggie was doing; here's the both of them with a morning Capri Sun.

Fountain Fun

My parents have this fountain in their front courtyard that Paige just loves. The morning before we left for the River, we wet down the patio, put up the umbrella, and slathered on the sunscreen before we let her loose. She tries to climb in but can only get one leg over the edge, and then she doesn't really know what to do next. This particular morning she had an especially good time spraying herself and drinking from the hose.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Blog Break

As we are leaving for the River today (for who knows how long; at least 2 weeks, maybe more) where there is no internet and hardly any cell phone reception, I would like to apologize to my blog fans (all 2 of them) in advance; for I will not have an opportunity to post anything new until about the end of July. At which point, I promise, you will have the pleasure of viewing so many adorable new photos and videos of Paige that you will pray for my camera/video camera to break (maybe you already have?). In the meantime, rest up your eyes :)