Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Blog Break

As we are leaving for the River today (for who knows how long; at least 2 weeks, maybe more) where there is no internet and hardly any cell phone reception, I would like to apologize to my blog fans (all 2 of them) in advance; for I will not have an opportunity to post anything new until about the end of July. At which point, I promise, you will have the pleasure of viewing so many adorable new photos and videos of Paige that you will pray for my camera/video camera to break (maybe you already have?). In the meantime, rest up your eyes :)


J&C Hale family said...

Have a great time!

Chelsea said...

According to my google reader account, you have 11 subscribers, I only have 1, sad

Bridget said...

I'm back! I'll post new things soon. Chelsea, my google reader account says you have 14 subscribers, and it says I only have 3. So, something must be up with their subscriber calculator :)