Sunday, March 30, 2008

She's Walking!

Paige took her first tentative steps the Saturday night before Easter at Grandma & Grandpa Miller's house; of course I missed it - Amber and I were at Yummy Yogurt. She repeated the trick as soon as we got back though, and all week I've continued to encourage her to keep it up, but she wouldn't ever take more than 3 or 4 steps at a time. That changed today at church. We were out in the foyer during 3rd hour and something must have clicked, because all of a sudden she was walking! I video-taped her when we got home, as soon as she woke up from her nap. Yay, Paige!

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Life's a Beach!

My oldest sister, Jennifer, had the phrase above in bumper sticker form on the back window of her red blazer when she was in high school. And if you live on the coast in southern California, it's true! I went to the beach often growing up, every day I could the summer before high school (with Jill MacAllister), and regularly over the following four years. So, I was excited to take Paige for her first trip to the beach last week while we were in California. Papa helped her feed the seagulls, she was intrigued by the sand but wasn't really sure if she liked it or not, and she didn't touch the water - it was still too cold. In the third picture you can see the Palos Verdes Peninsula (in the background) where I grew up, and in the last picture you can see to the north - Redondo, Marina del Rey, Santa Monica and all they way out to Malibu.

Happy Easter!

We spent a WONDERFUL week in California at my favorite place in the world, Grandma & Grandpa Miller's. Paige had a great time swimming and playing with her cousins, Margaret and Andrew, and I basked in the glory that is Palos Verdes. We were there almost a whole week and celebrated Easter our last day there. Thanks Grandma and Grandpa for a fabulous time.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Guitar Heroes

Amber's comment on my last post gave me the encouragement I needed to get back on the computer after a 2 week long techno-vacation. If you have ever been to Honey and Papa's house you know what I mean by techno-vacation. With a 10 year old computer, dial-up internet, and no television (not even local channels) I thought I might go a little crazy here, and Honey and Papa agreed. So they told me to sign them up for high-speed internet and cable w/ DVR. I happily obliged. However, it took 2 weeks for the cable company to get their behinds out here, and in the meantime I read a few books, did some gardening, and played more with Paige. Honestly, I ended up enjoying my time away from the technology I'm usually addicted to. That two weeks was my own little techno-vacation, and it was kind of nice. Now that I'm here with my Mac and wireless internet and laptop and HDTV and DVR, Honey and Papa have more technology then they are equipped to handle. Over the last few days since the cable guy made his visit, I've had to give computer lessons, increase the font size on the computers' display, set up a new email account, and give DVR remote lessons, etc. Since I'm going to be around for a little while to be "the operator" mom has decided that maybe she can get a new cell phone (the one they've previously refused to get rid of, for fear of never being able to figure out how to use another one, is over 5 years old) but I might just delay that acquisition for awhile just to let them get use to the new gadgets they already have.

By the way, I hooked up the Wii last week and introduced Mom and Ruben to Guitar Hero. I snuck a few pictures while they were too engrossed in the game to protest. It makes me smile just thinking about it :)