Thursday, March 27, 2008

Life's a Beach!

My oldest sister, Jennifer, had the phrase above in bumper sticker form on the back window of her red blazer when she was in high school. And if you live on the coast in southern California, it's true! I went to the beach often growing up, every day I could the summer before high school (with Jill MacAllister), and regularly over the following four years. So, I was excited to take Paige for her first trip to the beach last week while we were in California. Papa helped her feed the seagulls, she was intrigued by the sand but wasn't really sure if she liked it or not, and she didn't touch the water - it was still too cold. In the third picture you can see the Palos Verdes Peninsula (in the background) where I grew up, and in the last picture you can see to the north - Redondo, Marina del Rey, Santa Monica and all they way out to Malibu.


heidizinha said...

that's the cutest bathing suit i've ever seen.

Noelle said...

i am loving paige's new hairdo!

Lori said...

You big fat booger. That is just simply not fair. How I wish that I could take a beach trip!