Saturday, August 27, 2011


  • At 4 1/2 Paige is playing her first year of youth soccer.
  • She is on an under age 6 team of girls who lucked out and got pink uniforms. Paige is happy about the color but also wishes they had some purple too.
  • At their first practice the coach took team name suggestions. The top 3 suggestions (which were Pinkalicious, the Pink Unicorns, and the Pink Sparkles) went to a vote. The Pink Sparkles was the winning choice.
  • Not surprisingly Paige is the littlest one on the field. I couldn't find any soccer shorts to fit her and ended up buying size 2T boys sweatpants and cutting them off. We're lucky they start making cleats in a toddler size 8 cause Paige wears a 7 1/2, and she is just tall enough to fit into the XXS shin guards (the smallest they come). The heels on her socks go up to her calves.
  • I went ahead and bought the pink cleats because I figured I won't have any sons with feet that small by the time they're old enough to play.
  • Claire is the ultimate cheerleader and listening to her yell "Go Parkles!" is just as entertaining as watching the "parkles" run around the field.
  • Paige is particularly entertaining (and a little frustrating) to watch. She can barely keep up with the pack on her little legs and likes to volunteer to take a break when it's time to sub. This morning while getting ready she asked me if it was going to be a lot of running around like last time; she didn't say anything but looked a little disappointed when I said yes.
  • I have a sneaking suspicion that half-time and after game treats are what's keeping her interested. Time will tell.
  • She's trying really hard though and having a good time. We're proud of our little Sparkle.

Man in Uniform

Ben was off for some Army training, and I forced him to let me take his picture. He was embarrassed that I made him stand in front of the house where people could see and he will probably be equally embarrassed by this post. Oh well! I wanted to show off my handsome husband!I love you, Sweetheart! Thank you for all that you stand for and all that you do for us!

Back to School

Paige started her second year of preschool at Kid's Village this week. She was so excited to go back!
(try not to be disgusted by the half chewed wheat thins in her mouth)

And just for fun, here is P's first day of school pic from last year side-by-side with this year's:

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Boy Names

As I mentioned in my last post, I am not very excited about boy names. I just don't seem to like that many. I've been perusing name lists over the last few days trying to find one that jumps out. Hasn't happened yet, but I've come across a few I could tolerate forever. I also found this website where you can open an account to accept votes and name suggestions from the public. It's really easy. All you have to do is spend a few seconds, minutes, however long you want really, clicking on name preferences, and the computer keeps track of all the votes. You can even click on "suggest a name" up at the top if you'd like to add one to be considered in the voting. It won't give you the results, but eventually it will give them to me and when it does I will share with the world what you and the computer decided was the perfect name for our baby :) So if you like to give it a shot and help us pick a name go HERE and start clicking! Please? You know you want to . . .

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

We're Having a . . .


It's actually kind of hard to believe even though I was leaning towards boy. I know what to do with girls; what the heck do I do with a boy? The ultrasound tech said, "try to keep up".

Paige is super excited and buried her huge grin in her dad's chest when the tech made the announcement.

We all knew it was a boy before she said anything; it was obvious.

Ben has remained quite contained about it all, most likely to avoid any appearance that he's happier with a boy than he would have been with a girl.

My mom sat on my couch for almost an hour afterwards looking up and discussing names. I just can't seem to get excited about any boy names.

I AM excited about getting some new baby clothes, blankets, and things for the nursery. And OF COURSE I'm excited about having a SON!

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And the winner of the contest is ...................................LIZ
Liz, I'll email you!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

16 Weeks

I have a 16 week gender ultrasound tomorrow. You know what that means. . . .

So, here's the deal. In honor of this occasion I would like to hold a little contest. Just write in a comment your prediction for whether it's a boy or a girl. Once we find out I will pool all of the correct predictions together and hold a drawing. Whomever wins the drawing will win... something. We'll work that out when you win.

Happy Guessing!