Saturday, August 27, 2011


  • At 4 1/2 Paige is playing her first year of youth soccer.
  • She is on an under age 6 team of girls who lucked out and got pink uniforms. Paige is happy about the color but also wishes they had some purple too.
  • At their first practice the coach took team name suggestions. The top 3 suggestions (which were Pinkalicious, the Pink Unicorns, and the Pink Sparkles) went to a vote. The Pink Sparkles was the winning choice.
  • Not surprisingly Paige is the littlest one on the field. I couldn't find any soccer shorts to fit her and ended up buying size 2T boys sweatpants and cutting them off. We're lucky they start making cleats in a toddler size 8 cause Paige wears a 7 1/2, and she is just tall enough to fit into the XXS shin guards (the smallest they come). The heels on her socks go up to her calves.
  • I went ahead and bought the pink cleats because I figured I won't have any sons with feet that small by the time they're old enough to play.
  • Claire is the ultimate cheerleader and listening to her yell "Go Parkles!" is just as entertaining as watching the "parkles" run around the field.
  • Paige is particularly entertaining (and a little frustrating) to watch. She can barely keep up with the pack on her little legs and likes to volunteer to take a break when it's time to sub. This morning while getting ready she asked me if it was going to be a lot of running around like last time; she didn't say anything but looked a little disappointed when I said yes.
  • I have a sneaking suspicion that half-time and after game treats are what's keeping her interested. Time will tell.
  • She's trying really hard though and having a good time. We're proud of our little Sparkle.


Jean said...

Haha! That is so precious - the Pink Sparkles!! Go Paige!!

Ashley Preston said...

Pink cleats?! I would have LOVED pink cleats! What a lucky girl. After a team vote, William's team name is Captain America. He's really pleased with it!

Kendra said...

You are officially a soccer mom! :) I love the pink sparkles. So cute. Those are great pictures and I love the last one of Paige. I'm glad she's hanging in there.