Wednesday, August 3, 2011

We're Having a . . .


It's actually kind of hard to believe even though I was leaning towards boy. I know what to do with girls; what the heck do I do with a boy? The ultrasound tech said, "try to keep up".

Paige is super excited and buried her huge grin in her dad's chest when the tech made the announcement.

We all knew it was a boy before she said anything; it was obvious.

Ben has remained quite contained about it all, most likely to avoid any appearance that he's happier with a boy than he would have been with a girl.

My mom sat on my couch for almost an hour afterwards looking up and discussing names. I just can't seem to get excited about any boy names.

I AM excited about getting some new baby clothes, blankets, and things for the nursery. And OF COURSE I'm excited about having a SON!

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And the winner of the contest is ...................................LIZ
Liz, I'll email you!


Liz Johnson said...

Woohoo!!!!! Congratulations!!! I am so excited for you guys. I'm a fan, myself. :)

And I WON! Woohoo!!! I never win things! I am so excited! (unless it was a different Liz, in which case, no biggie, pretend I never said anything...)

meagan said...

Congratulations! This is wonderful - you will be the perfect boy mom:) and what a lucky little guy to have two big sisters!

Kendra said...

I'm still so so excited for you! And don't know what to do with a boy?! Yeah right. You are going to be great with a boy! I've seen you with Andrew and Owen and I'm sure Miller too. You'll be fabulous. So happy for you! :D

So Many M's said...

I'm sure this boy will make up for the fact that he is the only one in the house (well besides Ben). You will do great and have a blast. CONGRATS!!!!! I'm excited to hear names.

Matt and Tiana said...

Congratulations! Having a boy has been bliss. I must admit we also had a hard time adjusting to the switch from all things pink. The girls love their baby brother to pieces.

Elaine Shandra said...

Aw, congrats! He's one lucky little boy to join your adorable family! I look forward to hearing the name ideas. I <3 names!

Abbie said...

dang it! i'm too late!




and i get to see you soon!


HeidiB said...

Yay! So exciting. For my next one I can't even pretend I'd be OK with another boy! Anyway, I understand how you feel. So fun!

Jean said...

YAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!! Welcome to boys! I would love to have a girl next, but I would have NO idea what to do with her, haha!