Thursday, August 26, 2010


Paige started preschool this week at the cutest little school in the world (well, at least in Utah County). I keep saying it's the preschool Pottery Barn and Disneyland would create if the two were to get together and create a preschool. How is my child supposed to want to go to real school after 2 years of this place? So far that's my only regret in choosing it - Paige may never want to grow up and leave. Anyway, here are the pictures:

Ready to go! Can you tell she's excited?

In front of the school.

The tree house in the courtyard.

Miss Erin tying on her "uniform".

Preschool buddies!

Talking about how excited they are.

Getting settled.

Okay, seriously, stop taking pictures and leave. Time to let go.

Despite a few tears right before we left the house and telling me she was a little nervous in the car, Paige really loved her first day at preschool. She told me all about cooking class, playing class, and singing class, how the teacher asked her to use her inside voice (not a surprise), how she knocked down a girl's tower because she didn't like her (?!), and how some kids were fighting. When I asked her which kids were fighting she replied,"Me and Anna!". She came home with two papers from the day, on one of which she had written her name. It was spelled "TTTOOCPO". I asked if she had any O's in her name and she answered,"Oh, I added some 'cause I like O's".

I think she just might have some things to learn! :)

Friday, August 20, 2010