Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Military Ball

Every September we get to attend the annual MI Ball with the rest of Ben's National Guard unit. This was the first year where they took our picture. I've posted it here because it will mostly likely be the last picture of Ben in this particular dress uniform since the Army has switched over to this new, dare I say snazzier, one.

Also, when Ben saw this he got after me for not straightening his bowtie, and I must add that I don't really have any formal attire to wear when I'm 6 months pregnant; this outfit was a last minute effort.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Baby Shower

My good friend Kendra threw a fantastic baby shower for me a few weeks ago. We had very fun/funny games and a yummy brunch. It was a lot of work! I am so grateful for her thoughtfulness and friendship.

Since I forgot my camera's SD card, we had to use my Mom's camera which was on some sort of weird setting so the pictures didn't turn out so great, but here they are anyway.

The food, plus Kimi and her cute Halle (Kimi and I are due the same week . . . I know!)

Gabbing and eating

See! Funny game. Needs no explanation. Kind of embarrassing. Amber won; guess that means she's next? :)
We played another great game where Kendra pre-videotaped Ben talking about our baby and what features of ours Ben hoped he would inherit (ie: Ben's nose, my eyes, his athleticism, my intelligence, etc. . .). Without telling us she already had Ben's answers she had everyone (including me) guess what my answers would be. Then we watched Ben's video and compared our answers. For every trait Ben and I agreed on, I got a point. Kendra gave me one thing of baby wipes for every 5 points. Surprisingly, I went home with a lot of wipes!

Cute boy clothes from Honey (my mom). The onesie says "Mommy's Little Moose". Which is funny because of what my Dr. said. Let me just say, it was really weird to come home with a bunch of stuff that wasn't pink!
In the pic above, do you see the awesome diaper cake in the background? and the bouquet of baby socks (right next to my mom's giant Diet Coke)? See, Kendra is awesome.

Thanks to all those who were there and those who helped! It was great to see you :)

Name Poll Results

We still haven't even come close to landing on a name for our baby boy due in 63 days (closer but not close). But I thought I'd share the results of the name poll you all participated in way back when. Too bad I can't! The website is no longer functioning and I never printed off the results, ugh! Oh well, it was fun and started some good name discussions for me and Ben :) Too bad we still can't decide.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Claire Turns 2!

Claire turned two today! We celebrated last weekend with Sunday dinner in Heber since Grandma and Grandpa Miller and Honey and Papa were in town. Keeping with tradition, Claire had a Mickey Mouse party for her 2nd birthday, but unlike Paige she wasn't too keen about dressing up. I was a bit disappointed, but at least I got her to wear the ears while she was eating cake.
This party was basically a direct knock-off of Paige's party from when she turned 2. Same balloons, exact same banner, but minus the matching wrapping and homemade cake. I think I already burned myself out on the first kid (plus we decided to do this party the night before).Her big present of the night was a tricycle of her very own. But for some reason she still wants to ride P's.This cute girl is definitely two. Strongly opinionated, but Oh, SO funny!
We love you, Claire!