Saturday, March 14, 2009


We just got back to St. George after a week in California at my grandparents'/Disneyland. Grandma and Grandpa Miller, my parents, and my sister, Amber, and her family were all there, so we decided to have Paige's 2nd birthday party while we were there. We had a great time! Here are some pictures from that day. Disneyland pictures to come.

ready to go in her minnie party dress more minnie. she is so sweet.
a visit to the sea lion/seal hospital with the cousins.
cutie pies maggie and paige.
swimming in grandma and grandpa miller's pool with daddy.
the cake is ready! front side.
back side. it's like one of those hats with the names that you get at disneyland.
decorations, presents, and cake - the necessary ingredients for a birthday party.
paige at her party. "i think i'll just sample a little frosting off this ear..."
opening presents.
help from the cousins.
singing happy birthday.
mmmm. doesn't black icing look SO appetizing?
the naked chef. enjoying her new kitchen accessories.

Thanks for coming to P's party Grandma, Grandpa, Honey, Papa, Amber, Matt, Kate, Parker, Maggie, Gary, and Donna! And for the yummy dinner, Grandma!

Amber - Paige is thoroughly enjoying the instrument set you gave her. I am spending my free moments contemplating appropriate equivalent gifts to pay you back, um, I mean reciprocate.

And finally, I must give props to my friend Heidi. I took most of these ideas from the party she threw for her two year old back in October. Thanks, Heidi! Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, right?


Abby Hanson said...

She is too cute! I love the Mickey/Minnie Mouse theme. Did you make that cake yourself??? If so, way to go!!

Micalena said...

ummm...really Bridget...I have never seen anything this cute in my life. Love the dress, love the shoes, love the cake, love the girl!!! You're such a great mommy! I miss you. xoxoxo

heidizinha said...

paige is an ADORABLE minnie! the dress is fantastic--who made it? and your cake turned out perfect. happy birthday p! we can't wait to see pictures from disneyland.

noelle said...

I showed Anna this post and she starting bawling, asking if she could go to Paige's party and wondering why she didn't get an invitation. She was so upset that we had to sedate her.

Okay, not really, but it sucks that we weren't there. I know we just got back from Hawaii but you guys could have at least invited us!!!

I have been planning on doing a Mickey birthday theme for months, so don't think when we have Anna's party that we are copying you like you copied Heidi.

I can't wait to see little P - she looks too cute in her party dress.

Jean said...

What a great party!! That cake is amazing! WOW! I love that she's so into Minnie Mouse. She's adorable!! (Love the little ponytails! I need to have a girl.) :-)

Anne said...

Even the wrapping paper matched. Really, Bridget, how are we even friends? My kid's lucky if his presents get wrapped.

Janelle said...

Those pictures of Paige are too cute. What an adorable party!!I'll have to get some tips from you when it's time for Will's first one.

Bridget said...

Abby - yeah, I made the cake. My first attempt at a cake that was decorated and wasn't just a sheet cake. I used a box mix though and followed instructions that Heidi linked on her blog. I also talked to Heidi about her experience before I did mine, so I was well prepared, and it was fairly easy :)

Heidi - I bought the dress off of Ebay from a lady who had it custom made for her 20 month old when they took a family trip to DisneyWorld. The woman actually had one made for all 3 of her girls. Her trip pics were ADORABLE. I kind of stumbled upon it on accident when I was looking for dress up clothes for P.

Noelle - I wish you could have been there too. We were in Heber for P's real birthday, during which time you were in Hawaii. I wasn't sure when we were doing the party until about 5 days before, and I didn't send out invitations at all. If I had, you would have gotten one. FYI, plan ahead when you do Anna's party. According to the people at PartyLand, Mickey and Minnie themes aren't very popular right now so they don't carry the stuff for them in their stores. At least not here in St. George. And the only Mickey thing the party store we went to in California had was that balloon in the pictures. So if you want plates and and stuff you might want to order it online.

Amber said...

What Bridget didn't tell in this post is that there was one non matching gift, hid behind the pile of matching wrapping.

Mindy Burns said...

LOVE the minnie theme, dress, presents, cake! So adorable!