Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Bring on April

Ever since Ben came home at the end of January and we moved into our yucky apartment, we've been making up all sorts of excuses to go out of town. Desirable destinations include places within driving distance (no more than a day and a half in the car) and trips that are relatively inexpensive or generously subsidized by others. We've made trips to Snowmass, CO, Heber, UT, Southern California, and now we're in Heber again. I think the longest stretch we've spent at "home" so far has been 10 days.

We've had fun, Ben's had a chance to unwind from his deployment, and we've had lots of family togetherness time. But now I think we're all ready for real life to start. More than two months of "vacation" just starts to feel like you're living in limbo, which I guess we are, and the little trips become more and more contrived. Perfect example? - our current trip to Heber. A good (GREAT!) friend in South Jordan had a birthday this past weekend and we have a wedding to attend (on behalf of Ben's parents, who can't make it because they are on a mission) this Friday. So what do we do? Plan a 10 day trip and make up a bunch of stuff to fill in the whole week between the 2 "excuse" events that got us up here in the first place. I scheduled a play date for Paige, dinner with longtime friends, a much needed haircut/color by my favorite hairstylist ever (I don't really know that many, but he is GOOOOOOOD), and family portraits.

When my relatives asked why we're in town, I replied, "just killing time."

It's dying very, very slowly. And, obviously, we're running out of ways/places to "kill" it.

Any suggestions?


Jean said...

Hahaha! That's funny, because it's so true. Sometimes vacations (fabulous though they are) turn into killing time until the next activity. When Tim and I go home to PA, we actually spend a lot of time watching TV and driving around aimlessly. Hahaha! (Mainly because everyone's at work. Lame.) :-P

I love snowtubing at Soldier Hollow in Midway - is there still snow there? If not, what about a hike and a little picnic in Wasatch State Park? Just a couple ideas... but if I were you, I'd probably just spend my afternoon at Cafe Rio ordering everything on the menu (heh heh). Can ya tell I miss the Rio?

Anne said...

Well, I think you can come home so I can see you. Wait, I'm going out of town on Friday. We're in the same boat, but I've yet to be bored. We're still pretty fresh. Give Little P a love for me. Hang out next week?

Marci and Morgan said...

You don't have to rush out of town on account of your relatives! Just to clarify- we only ask in case there actually IS something other than killing time on your agenda!! Killing time is an assumption- and a good thing to do- don't feel so rushed, real life is going to be there FOREVER- might as well slow down and enjoy the slow death of time!

Emily said...

So....are you saying you don't like St. George? It is so nice here right now!!!! Have a good vacation regardless!

Bridget said...

No, I love St. George! But I really don't like my apartment.

Janelle said...

Next time you are in Northern Utah and are free, call me!