Saturday, March 21, 2009

When I Grow Up . . ..

Paige: Mommy, Mommy! I grow up!

Me: You're growing up?

Paige: yeah

Me: What do you want to be when you're all grown up?

Paige: I go in a spaceship.

Me: Does that mean you want to be an astronaut?

Paige: yeah

Me: What will you see when you're in your spaceship?

Paige: I will see stars . . . and the moon . . . and twinkle, twinkle little stars!

Me: Wow, that sounds like fun.

Paige: And I have a pink space helmet. You can have blue. Go get it! Get your space helmet!

Me: We don't have space helmets. We'll have to talk to Papa tomorrow; maybe he can help us make some.

Paige: Yeah, and he can have pink.


Chelsea said...

Papa will look so good with pink space helmet!

noelle said...

She is so adorable - her little mind just never ceases. I'm excited you're coming here!

lori said...

I am SO excited that you are coming. You just made my DAY! Ben can come but he has to dress up as a homegirl. Thats the policy. As long as Matt and him DO NOT run off together. I cant wait to see you guys! XOXOXO