Sunday, March 15, 2009


We got an awesome deal through the military, so the day after Paige's party we headed to Disneyland for 3 whole days! Wooohoooo! Here's a photo summary:

Park entrance.
Paige loves pluto. He was the first thing we saw upon entering the park.

Paige loves Mickey too. She was pretty excited to visit him at his house.

On the second day we went to Minnie and Friends' character breakfast. Meeting Minnie was a very serious thing for Paige. She tried to talk to her about everything from 'where's Mickey?' to 'these chairs are soft'. Minnie was kind enough to respond with lots of nodding, hand gestures, and hugs.


What's in your mouth, Chip?

At this point they were playing loud dancing music throughout the restaurant. Paige saw Pooh out there dancing and just had to join him. She did this for the entire song.

After the character breakfast we headed over to California Adventure. She must have gone down this slide a dozen times. And every single time she got into some weird position like this.

Paige and Daddy. Both were enraptured by the Pixar Parade.

'R' stands for Reed.

Near the end of the third day we waited FOREVER to visit the princesses at the Princess Fantasy Faire. It was well worth the wait as Paige's reactions were priceless.
Her cheesy grin just kept getting better and better.

Mulan especially loved her.

The last picture I took. And one of my favorites. Paige loves Disneyland!

And they all lived happily ever after. The End.


noelle said...

Oh my gosh. Her smile with Cinderella is so fantastic.

heidizinha said...

i have a hard time not wanting to spend every vacation there...mae loves it so much. it looks like we should take the two of them together!

Chelsea said...

the last picture is so awesome! she's the best little p

Anne said...

Am I alone in thinking Sleeping Beauty looked a bit creepy? I'm glad you had fun. It will take me a while to post our adventure, but never fear, we will join the Disney ranks with you.
PS My mom said you just left. Where are you?

Mindy Burns said...