Friday, February 27, 2009


Happy Birthday, Paige!

We won't really be celebrating P's birthday with a party for about another week (scheduling conflicts). So to mark this special day I wanted to write down some thoughts about her; the following is what I came up with.

Here are some random things I love about Paige. I could go on forever, but I decided to stop at 31:

1) the way she stumbles over her words when her brain is going faster than her mouth.

2) the way she admires herself in the mirror, especially if she has "curlies".

3) how she loves to play ring-around-the-rosie, and if we're at Honey & Papa's it must be played on the entry rug (the one with the turkey).

4) how she gives directions to each individual to make sure EVERYONE is participating, especially when singing songs with actions. "Sing it, Honey. Do it, Papa. Mama, Mama! (pointing her little finger) Come on, Daddy!"

5) how she insisted my 32 year-old brother, Chris, learn the word's to "Elmo's World".

6) when she hugs my legs, looks up at me, and tells me, "I love you, Mama".

7) the way she uses the word 'mine'.

8) how she says elephant, elphannant.

9) how she laughs hysterically when you sneak up on her.

10) how she'll sit relatively still while I put in a 'whole set' of foam curlers (see #2).

11) how she remembers everyone's names. and notices them. and asks where they are.

12) how she sings 'I Know You' from Sleeping Beauty at the top of her lungs, off-key.

13) the way she wears a tiara like she would sunglasses.

14) the way she eats some foods the completely wrong way. For example, she bites into crackers vertically and starts eating bread/toast from the center of the slice.

15) how she calls her toes, her 'little piggies'.

16) how she bops her head and bends her knees when she's 'dancing'.

17) how if she thinks I might be eating candy she grabs my mouth, pries it open, and asks "what you got in there, mom?".

18) how when she's going potty she gets real quiet right before the tinkle and loudly whispers, "Listen!".

19) how after she asks a question she tilts her head to the side and her eyes get wide while she waits for the answer.

20) how she loves to cuddle.

21) how the other day when I was leaving to run an errand (and she was staying home with her father) she ran after me yelling, "Wait! I need to give you a squeeze!" And then during the subsequent hug, she was grunting, trying to squeeze me tighter.

22) the way she pushes her hair out of her face. Forcefully. With both hands.

23) how she talks to animals and babies in a high, squeaky voice.

24) the way she says chocolate, caulk-a-let.

25) how she thinks the words 'nice' and 'warm' go together. When I put her socks and shoes on, or her hat, or wrap her in a blanket, i almost always say, "here, this will keep you nice and warm." The other day, she said something about playing with one of her cousins. She said he was fun. And I said he was nice. Then she added, "AND WARM!".

26) how she goes down easily for naps and at bedtime.

27) the way she points out her shoes and tells people that they match; as in, they match with her outfit.

28) how she grabs my quad combo, brings it to me, and say, "let's read scriptures!"

29) how she sings along with her 'silly songs' cd in the car.

30) her insane ability to recall and repeat things she's seen/heard on tv.

31) how she thoroughly enjoys brushing her teeth.

Do you have something that you love about Paige? Feel free to add to the list in the comments.


Anne said...

Just a reminder...Paige is an anomaly. Don't be too hard on your future kids. :) Love that girl.

Jean said...

AWW!!! That is so sweet! This list is a great idea. Paige is so cute and is such a hoot -- I wish we could hang out with her more. That's what I love about her. :-) Happy two years!!!

Chelsea said...

She's the cutest little P I know!

Matthew said...

i was picturing Paige in my mind doing each one of those things and giggling to myself. I love Paige's wardrobe..can Reese have it? With ALL of the matching shoes too? Good grief. Actually, I love Paige's cute little body with her big personality...and those eyelashes. I am so impressed by this list. I love the love you have for her! Give her squeezes from us!

noelle said...

hmmmm, it's so hard to choose. so i'll just saying i love EVERYTHING about paige :).