Thursday, February 12, 2009

Skiing Day Four

Beautiful, cloudless, blue sky day.

The 3 youngest great-grandkids in ski school had races today; they all did awesome!

Amber took some great pictures of everyone at the top of Elk Camp.

Eddie's knee was hurting during his very first run :( He didn't think it wise to keep going, so Chelsea and Eddie headed to Denver to visit friends.

Ben moved up to level 7, and if he were going to ski school tomorrow, he would ski his very first black diamond. But he's not going to ski school because it's our last day - he'll be skiing with me :)

A big storm is supposed to hit tonight! You know what that means? . . . tomorrow, POWDER!


Marci and Morgan said...

Which also means that Ben will be wishing he was back in ski school- powder + beginner skiiers= MUCH unhappiness! haha! I'm sure he'll do fine- these fancy, new-fangled, easy-turn skis make skiing powder a cake-walk!

Bridget said...

Marci, you were right about the powder/ski school wishes. I was wishing he had gone to ski school that day too :) We had fun, but learning to navigate powder from a pro (not your wife) would have been better.