Saturday, February 14, 2009


We spend most of the day traveling today, but managed to fit in a little celebration time as well.

We started off with brunch at Mimi's in Orem with our friends Jill and Tim and their daughter, Quinn, who is almost the exact same age as Paige. Apparently a lot of other people had made similar plans; Mimi's was packed! Our food was super yummy.

Before bed Ben and Paige and I exchanged gifts. We explained to Paige that Valentine's is a day to celebrate love with the people you love. She caught on quickly, looked around for a gift and said,"where's mine happy valentine's day, mom?".

Ben has not always been the best at remembering to do something on Valentine's day. (As I typed that last sentence I was vaguely remembering something Dr. Laura wrote in The Proper Care and Feeding about that - something to the effect that it's the woman's fault if her husband forgets birthdays and anniversaries and holidays, etc. It just means that the woman isn't taking care of her husband properly). Anyway, I am happy to report that he did VERY WELL this year; getting me jewelry (silver necklace AND earrings) and a beading book. Any men out there who may read this, take a cue from Ben: Encouraging a wife's crafts is always a nice way to validate her :)

Paige got a couple of love/valentine themed board books, some candy, and an adorable plush peacock that we found in Snowmass. She liked him instantly.

Ben received some nice gifts from me as well.

While I think Valentine's is quite commercialized and over-hyped, I am all for any excuse to exchange presents.


Anne said...

Nice gifts from you being...?

Marci and Morgan said...

sounds really nice- you can tell Ben really missed you if he is actually buying you beading books all on his own! haha. You're right though, it would be almost as good as a gift certificate to... I don't know, Shepherd's Bush!!