Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Skiing Day Three

Yet another great day! Is there such a thing as a bad day skiing in Snowmass? I don't think so! Today was beautiful and sunny.

Before lunch Beth, John, Matt, Chelsea, Jen, and I headed up the Cirque for a little adventure. Someone put Beth in charge, and we ended up at the entrance to the Hanging Valley Wall. Beth, John, and Matt toughed it out while Jen, Chelsea, and I found an alternate way down and took a great run down The Edge.

Ben is rockin' ski school. He was able to meet up with us at Gwynn's for lunch where I met his instructor, who said I was pretty (I like him immediately), and another couple in his ski school class who are realtors from RPV (they sold my Aunt and Uncle's house in Torrance several years ago). Small world.

We're still having a blast and are looking forward to 2 more days.

I'll get pictures up soon.

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Anne said...

I can feel how much fun you are having through the computer. Enjoy!