Monday, February 9, 2009

Skiing Day One

We had a lovely skiing day today. Ben went to ski school and I spent the day skiing with my parents, grandpa, sisters (Jen, Amber, and Chelsea), Amber's husband (Matt), cousins, Beth and Jason, and their spouses (John and Heidi) and Aunt Ann. Jen's kids are in ski school as well as Amber's daughter, Kate, and Jason's son, Nick.

At the end of the day, Ben and I took a last run together. I caught a couple minutes of it on video, and even though it's just Ben skiing on the catwalk, I'd thought I'd include it here, you know, for posterity's sake. Oh, and I have no idea who the lady in the blue coat is, but I was pretty annoyed that she got right in the way. About half-way through Ben almost wipes out.

Fun times.


noelle said...

impressive! a testament to the supremecy of the snowmass ski school!!!

Anne said...

nice turns down the catwalk!

Marci and Morgan said...

So how did Ben like ski school then? Obviously, he'd rather be with you, but in terms of skiing- he's way better off learning the ropes- does he feel that way?? I hope he liked it so that he's motivated to come back to Snowmass in the future!

That Girl in Brazil said...

Never been skiing. Always wanted to.

I think.