Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Skiing Day Two

We had another great day of skiing today. It snowed most of the day and visibility wasn't great, but the runs were perfect - groomed with just a inch or two of fresh stuff on top. Sweet!

At the end of the day when Ben and I met up for a couple of final runs, he told me he thinks he could really get in to skiing. Yes!!! Ski school is working, folks! And he's doing great too. He skied some blues today and is moving up an ability level tomorrow. I'm so excited to be skiing again, AND to be skiing with Ben.

We've got 3 days of skiing left!


Debbie said...

So where is Paige, weren't you her age when you started? Also what happened to Noelle, is her knee so bad she had to give up skiing? Doesn't sound like her. Ben is doing great...I think grandpa has paid for half of the mountain with all the trips there and all the ski school students. Isn't he the BEST! Hey get a picture of Amber skiing preggers please. Also a picture of the whole family would be great.

Bridget said...

Paige stayed with Noelle. Her knees prevent her from getting to ski. Plus I think she would miss work :) I think i was 3 when I started skiing. I remember taking afternoon naps on mats inside after a hot chocolate break with all the other little kids. Amber just posted some great pics of the skiiers on her blog.