Sunday, April 20, 2008

Words Paige Can Say

Everyday there's a new surprise (sometimes more than one) for me as far as Paige's development goes. I'm almost always a little shocked that I hadn't seen it coming. Like today, I left the door open when I went to get Paige from her nap, and there were birds chirping outside. I hardly noticed them, but Paige perked up looked around and said "bird!". I wasn't sure that's really what she was saying at the time or that she even connected birds with chirping, but then a few hours later we went to the window to look out at the goldfinch in Honey's feeder, and Paige pointed at it and again said "bird". Whoa! When did she learn that? Papa also informed me that this morning Paige said "Honey" several times while I was getting ready for church. Other words Paige can say include: dada, mama (this has morphed into "mom" lately), hi, up, oh, this, walk, book, thank you, and, of course, papa. And although she doesn't say yes or no yet, she clearly communicates both with vigorous head nodding and shaking. She also clucks like a chicken, hisses like a snake, and says zoom zoom for a racecar. Wow! Six weeks ago she could only say dada, mama, and hi.

She has also become interested in climbing lately. Today in Sacrament meeting she tried to climb a rolling bag (small suitcase size) belonging to an older woman who sat behind us; she squeals with delight whenever she spots Honey's stepladder, and this afternoon I caught her standing up backwards in her jogging stroller on the back porch. How in the world did she get up there?

I'm not posting this because I think Paige's development is exceptional--seriously, I think my niece Kate was speaking in paragraphs by 14 months--it's just crazy to me how fast it can all happen!


heidizinha said...

it DOES happen so fast. mae runs all over the place, and i can't hardly believe that she couldn't even walk a few months ago.

Marci & Morgan said...

You're totally allowed to brag about new tricks!! Everything a baby does is amazing. They are not the mindless blobs people want to think they are and it's so fascinating to watch them grow- way to go Paige!!

Wendi said...

It's so true how it happens all at once! Cameron is weird though. He learned some words, and then he went on a word strike and refused to say any new words no matter how hard I coaxed for about 2-3 months. Then all of a sudden a couple weeks ago, he has just erupted with all sorts of new words, some of which I have no idea how he learned.

Noelle said...

if we all measured our baby's development by kate's, we'd have to ship them all off to dummy farms.