Monday, May 3, 2010

6 Months

Length: 26 inches (50th-75th%ile)
Weight: 16 lbs (50th%ile)
Head Circ: 44.1 cm (90th%ile)

Somethings about Claire:
  • She is a very happy, smiley, friendly, and snugly baby! She has even begun giving me kisses. I love it!
  • Her babbling gets quite loud sometimes - I had to leave Relief Society on Sunday because I couldn't hear the teacher over Claire's happy noises.
  • She really enjoys "close talking". Especially when she's tired. Last week Paige got close to Claire's face in Sacrament meeting (which happens to take place during nap time), so Claire snatched up fistfuls of Paige's hair, pulled her in nose to nose, and just yelled and yelled. It took me awhile to pry Claire's hands out of Paige's hair. The young childless couples surrounding us got quite the kick out of the apparent sister spat on display. Paige laughed hysterically all the while.
  • She still loves naptime and bedtime. She gets quite giddy about it actually and is mostly content to fall asleep on her own. Ben says that's more evidence that she takes after me. Sometimes if she fusses a bit when she's trying to fall asleep I'll just stand by her crib and let her play with my hand for a moment. She loves that.
  • She still doesn't like being on her tummy for too long and sometimes forgets that she can roll to her back.
  • She's not quite making it from her back to her tummy. She'll go almost the whole way and then it's like she remembers, "oh yeah, I don't like being on my tummy".
  • She can sit up now, albeit briefly.
  • She mostly pushes rice cereal out of her mouth, but likes to suck on pieces of pear, apple, cucumber . . . and drink from (I mean slobber in) my water glass.
  • She likes being naked. And even does a "nakey dance", wiggling her little body and flailing her arms.
  • I love her chubby thighs and dimpley knees.

People keep commenting that she's "getting so big" and "growing up so fast!". They say things like "six months already?" and "but it seems like you just had her!" and "when did this happen?". All I can do is shake my head and agree. Her babyhood (is that a word?) is going by so much faster than Paige's seemed too. I feel like I can't even remember what she was like as a newborn. Before I know it she'll be crawling, talking, and walking. It almost makes me ready to have another. Almost.

p.s. Ben just reminded me to add that Claire can say "DaDa", but it comes out "BaBa" :)


Anne said...

Sounds like the perfect baby!

Anonymous said...

I concur: wasn't she just born?? :) She is such a sweet little doll.

honey said...

that nap and bedtime thing? she takes after her honey!