Friday, January 21, 2011

First Steps

Claire took her first real steps on January 1st. She's been hesitant to keep it up and so we've seen gradual progress over the past 3 weeks. Last weekend while we were in Vegas (celebrating my oldest sister's 40th birthday) she got a little braver and walked across the area rug to Papa. Yesterday she caught the walking bug and has been practicing like crazy, cheering for herself when she's done. I've had a hard time catching it on camera but I got a couple of VERY short clips today while the girls were trying on some new clothes that we'd just brought home from Target. She loves watching herself on the video camera so much that she won't perform any more once I get it out. In the first clip she's crawling so fast after she falls because she can't wait to climb into my lap and grab the thing away from me. And in the second clip the look on her face is a mixture of excitement and anger because I haven't given it up to her yet and she's determined to take it away. Oh, and you might notice that large bruise on her forehead. Yeah, that's what happens when you're crawling too fast and slam into the corner of the doorway :(

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