Saturday, March 5, 2011

Wall Update


After:(So glad Sesame Street is available instantly on Netflix now!)

Not a huge difference, but I like that it adds some color and repeats the pattern of the mirror and rug and the color of the lamp on the other side of the room. It was also super easy. All I had to do was custom order the vinyl quatrefoil cutout from here on etsy and stick it on! Thanks for the idea, Tiffany!


Kendra said...

That totally made a big difference. It looks great!

HeidiB said...

Like it! I am obsessed obsessed with quatrefoil right now. I have been searching the internet like mad to find an eggplant/purple print. No luck yet.

Bridget said...

I totally understand, I love quatrefoil too! I scoured the internet for that vinyl. I don't know what type of quatrefoil print you need (vinyl, paper, fabric?) but if you need vinyl the girl I bought from on etsy has purple and she'll cut it any size you need. Just use the link from my post. Good luck!