Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Cascade Springs

Have you been to Cascade Springs? It's beautiful this time of year and totally worth the drive. We went every summer as kids and got to ride on the dirt road up the mountain from Heber, all piled in the back of Grandpa's pick-up truck.

This afternoon, we (me and my kids, my sister and hers, and my cousin and hers, plus two of her sister's) all piled into one truck (shhh!) and took the kids for an easy, educational, and beautiful hike. Beth acted as tour guide, I tried to keep Claire from crying (she's been really whiny lately), and Chelsea helped. There is something really fun about doing things with your kids that you did when you were young. It also makes you appreciate how much your parents did for you.

The "big" kids on the hike

Silly faces

The stroller babies
(see Claire whining? I'm beginning to wonder if it's ever going to stop)

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Kendra said...

How fun to do that! It looks beautiful. Sorry about Claire. Sounds like she's in a terrible phase right now. I hope she gets out of it soon. Although, honestly, I feel like Owen has been super whiney too lately. I'm hoping it's cause we are in CA and he's been sick. Not fun.