Saturday, March 3, 2012

Grant @ 2 months

This post is about a month overdue for those of you reading this in your subscription feed. Grant is now almost 3 months old. I've back dated this post so that it sits in chronological order on my blog.

Height: 24 in - 84%
Weight: 13.6 lbs - 84%
Head circumference: 41.8 cm - 88%

Grant is growing so FAST! He weighs 3 lbs more than Claire at this age. He wears 3-6 month clothes already and a size 2 diaper. Having a big baby is new territory for me.

Grant is an angel baby. His sisters were both easy babies, but he has redefined what that means to me now. I don't know how I've gotten so lucky 3 times in a row! I've honestly thought that maybe we should quit while we're ahead - number 4 is bound to be trouble.

Grant has been sleeping in his crib for both naps and at night from the first week. He was sooo sleepy for so long that it was easier to put him in his crib than anywhere else, especially with a 5 and 2 year old running around; the nursery is right next to the kitchen and living room and his crib is no more than 8 steps from my bed- it's a small house. Plus, he woke up only once (sometimes twice) at night from the very start. See, I told you he's easy.

Claire at this age spent a lot of time in the swing. She really loved it and would sleep there during the day. Grant has only been in the swing maybe 3 times, and never for very long. It's not really his favorite. If he's not sleeping in his crib, he's either sitting in the bouncy seat (a nice pink hand-me-down from his older sister) , or being carried around in the baby bjorn. I put him on in the carrier about twice a day. He really doesn't like to lay on the floor and I think he gets annoyed quickly by toys dangling in his face.

Grant is very good in the car and rarely fusses in his seat. He still sleeps through lots of noise and doesn't wake up for the day until about 8:30 am. He's starting to not want his binky as much. He only takes it to fall asleep if he's having a particularly difficult time, and as soon as he's settled, he spits it out. Grant doesn't cry. Really the only time he ever sounds upset is to alert me that he's awake and hungry, and sometimes when he's trying to fall asleep. Both Paige and Claire had a fussy time of day, usually lasting an hour or two, by this age where we'd have to employ all the 'happiest baby on the block' techniques, but so far so good with Grant.

Grant's smiles are fantastic! The first real one came at about 6 weeks and he's been smiling everyday since. I haven't gotten a good picture of it yet because my lens on my camera won't work that close up if he's in my lap and the picture quality on my phone is terrible, plus as soon as I get it out he stops smiling to stare at it. He is starting to coo and vocalize a little. Most of the time it sounds like a tiny growl.

Grant poops out of his diaper almost every time he poops! It is a little frustrating to change outfits four times a day and wash out so many poopy clothes. He's probably already soiled twice as many clothes than his sisters ever did, combined!

Grant had reflux that we took him to see the doctor and got medication for at 4 weeks. He stayed on the medicine for 2 weeks, and it helped, but I decided it wasn't worth it and quit giving it to him because by the end of the two weeks he hated the medicine and would get so mad when I gave it to him that he'd throw up. His reflux has improved on it's own since then and is all but gone now.

People who've only seen pictures of him ask me if his hair is red. It looks that way in some pictures but not at all in person. I think it's just his scalp or something, but it's a good question because there are some red-headed genes on Ben's side!

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