Sunday, May 26, 2013

Kindergarten Graduation

Paige's last day of school this year was May 24th, but the morning before they had a sweet little "promotion" ceremony for the kindergarteners.  They sang several songs and then each kindergartener's name was called. When they got on stage they announced what they want to be when they grow up. We got a kick out of all the kids' answers. Paige said she wants to be a pediatrician. The most common answers were doctor, dentist, and veterinarian.  In fact, at one point Claire turned to me, exasperated, and said loudly, "Ugh! They are so boring! Why does everyone want to be a doctor or a dentist?". Hahaha! My personal favorites were the few boys who decided to throw off parental approval and said things like "ice cream man" and "pro football player". Actually, that last one got quite a big audience response. It is an army post afterall.  Soldiers love themselves some football.  And there were several boys who obviously wanted to follow in their daddy's footsteps and said "soldier". Ben was really hoping some brave kid would shock the audience by calling out "marine!" but that didn't happen. Too bad.

Three classes worth of kindergarteners. They sang their little hearts out.

Back in the classroom. The kids got autograph books and went around getting each other's "signatures". Claire really wanted one of her own.

A self portrait :)

Paige and Mrs. Dile
We are so proud of Paige. She really excelled at school and scored above average is all areas. 

Here is an excerpt from her 4th quarter report card:

"Paige brings such a wealth of background knowledge, mature verbal skills, and advanced reading skills to our classroom.  She is a ready first grader and so eager to advance her learnings...Her reading skills (beginning of third grade level) are amazing, with strong story comprehension and retellings....I am so glad that I could share in Paige's Kindergarten year of growth and fun!"

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