Sunday, August 17, 2008

Paige Sampler

We're in Heber, UT for the next few weeks just relaxing with my grandparents (my life is one long vacation these days - so not fair as Ben suffers in Afghanistan), and I am without a camera:( Luckily I've been hanging out with my sister, Noelle, and she has taken quite a few pictures of the babies. So, I stole the following images off of our extended family blog.

Andrew, Paige & Anna. The girls are more interested in Andrew than he is in them.

Paige, Anna & Andrew at the waterpark in Provo. A miracle they are all looking in a similar direction - towards the camera!

Paige enjoying some watermelon. My sister, Chelsea posted some more really cute waterpark pictures on her blog.

Paige decided to pull out her bows on the way home from a shopping trip.

Noelle and I bought matching tutus at the Gymboree outlet. The girls loved them.

My niece Anna. She's 6 weeks younger than Paige. She is a sweetheart.

"Some day my prince will come. . ."


Emily said...

Those tutus (sp?) are adorable! I need a girl to put one on for sure! Looks like you are enjoying your time up north!

The McDonoughs said...

I LOVE the someday my prince will come picture. It's a classic for sure! I also love your swim suit. Is it new?

Miki said...

Paige is so cute! I love the matching swimsuit/hat combo. You look great too Bridget!