Monday, August 4, 2008

Sister's Weekend in California

I've been back from our trip to California for a week and am finally sitting down to blog about it. I haven't been very motivated because I hardly have any pictures! Ben took our camera to Afghanistan with him. I was supposed to get a new one, but have delayed the purchase because more often than not I am with my mom, so I just use hers. But I didn't have control of the camera in California which is why we ended up with 83 pictures of quilts and only one picture of any people (a picture of the ladies from sisters weekend holding our purchases from the quilt show in Long Beach - the quilt show where my mom took 83 quilt pictures).

So for your viewing pleasure, here is one of many quilt pictures and us with all of our loot:

From left to right back row: Honey, Marci (cousin), Amber (sister), Lily (first cousin once removed?), Ann (aunt), Beth (cousin, mother of Lily).
Front row: Jen (sister), Me, Grandma, Loreen (Grandma's friend and walking buddy).

Noelle (sister) came to sister's weekend but showed up after the quilt show (brat), and Emily (cousin) and Chelsea (sister) couldn't make it. We missed them.

So this sister's weekend thing has become kind of an annual tradition. My grandparents, Marvin and Margaret Miller, have two daughters who combined have 8 daughters (there are also some boys, but this isn't about them). We all grew up within in a few miles of each other in Southern California but have since scattered, so it is fun to get together for one weekend a year just to do fun things, like eat at our favorite restaurants, shop, see a show, talk, etc.

This year we met up at Grandma & Grandpa's in California and did the following:
1) Attended the International Quilt Festival in Long Beach, CA
2) Ate lunch at PF Chang's
3) Ate dinner at Red Onion
4) Shopped at Fashion Island in Newport Beach
5) Ate lunch at Cheesecake Factory
6) Attended a Dodger Game! (Dodger's won 6-0)
7) Ate Dodger dogs, peanuts, cinnamon sugar pretzels, chocolate malt ice cream . . .
8) Attended Malaga Cove Ward (Grandparents ward)
9) Ate at Admiral Risty :)
10) Went in the hot tub ~3 times
11) Ate donuts from Mayer's Bakery OR bagels from Lox of Bagels every morning
12) Walked down PV Drive E with Grandma & Grandpa at 7 am for exercise
13) Ate apples off Grandma's trees, homemade applesauce from those apples, and apple cobbler made from those apples; all lovingly made by grandma. Yum!!!
14) Tried not to cry when we left

Notice how half of the list has something to do with eating :)


heidizinha said...

I'm pretty jealous. It's been a few years since we've all gotten together for sisters weekend. Looks like you had a blast!

Debbie said...

Sounds like you guys had fun. Would loved to had seen you. Next year let me know before you all come, unless you happen to visit before that! Where have the years gone? You guys are all grown up!

The McDonoughs said...

Eating...I'm pretty good at that too. I love that your mom took 83 pictures of quilts. Definitely pictures she'll treasure later. :)

Emily said...

Sounds so fun, probably because you ate such yummy food. That makes anything fun.

Janelle said...

This post made me want to go to PV! I haven't eaten at Red Onion in WAY too long. I also miss peanut butter Yummy Yogurt with chocolate sprinkles. Remember the days we used to go for lunch?

Ali said...

I love the LOOT! You guys are hotties! :) I miss you.