Thursday, December 18, 2008


Not that I needed it, because you all trust me implicitly and know I would never lie. . . but I took this video of Paige this evening and thought that I'd post it because, well, it illustrates my previous post so well. Enjoy.


Benjamin said...

Wow! I never realized that my deployment would become an educational opportunity. She's grown up so much. I remember when she was just a little baby practically and we were celebrating her first birthday. Good thing that I'll be home soon to see what she comes up with next. I miss her like crazy (you too honey).

Jill Fellow said...

oh my gosh!! She is amazing! When do you start interviewing for Ivy league pre-schools?

I loved the proof, but even without proof I had already told everyone i know!! love it!

Anne said...

Can you teach Cameron? You are pretty cute.

Ali said...

Cute...(Ashlyn has the same jammies.)
She is as smart as her mommy!