Wednesday, December 3, 2008

All Girls

Paige was introduced to the Disney princesses on our September trip to Disneyland and has since familiarized herself with all 7 of them. She plays with the little beauty queens quite frequently and if you ask her what her princesses are doing, she will wave them about through the air and shout, "DANCING!". Some other less frequent answers to this question include, "singing", and, although rare, my personal favorite, "looking pretty".

I didn't plan on being one of those moms whose 21 - month - old owns 7 princess figurines, a princess crown, a princess wand, is potty training on a princess potty seat, and knows all 7 of the princesses names. But, it happened, and you know what? I think it's pretty dang cute.*

So sometimes when Paige is playing with Aurora, I'll sing the words to my favorite song from the Disney movie Sleeping Beauty: "I know you, I walked with you once upon a dream..." And now, of course, being the little sponge that she is, Paige has picked up these words.

This morning, on Skype, she sang the words for her daddy while vigorously waving Aurora through the air, making her "dance". However, Paige's version of the song is a little different: "I know you . . . I walk you . . . I know you . . . I walk you . . . ", you get the picture. Ben, to my surprise, didn't roll his eyes, sigh, berate me for doing this to Paige, or anything like it. He smiled, laughed, and, like me, thought it was the cutest thing ever.

Tonight, Ben called me while he was taking a break during his work shift (there's an 11 1/2 hour time difference) and we had the following conversation:

Ben: That was really cute when Paige was singing with the princesses this morning.

Me: Yeah, she's so funny.

Ben: I guess I'm going to get to know a lot about princesses since I have all girls.

Me: Um, you have one girl.

Ben: Yeah, but you know we're probably gonna have all girls . . . at least 4 more. And you know, I don't think I'd mind.

I was speechless.

Those of you in my family and those who know Ben well, will probably find this as amazing as I did. Hey, maybe this is amazing to those of you who don't know Ben well, since, you know, he doesn't usually try to conceal his opinions. And let's just say that before we had Paige, his opinions on having girls vs. boys were, um, strong.

Oh yeah, and please notice the poll at the top. I'd love to see what you think.

*Lest you think I am ruining my daughter with all this princess stuff, the only princess movie she's actually seen is Cinderella, and her favorite toy right now is in fact Thomas the Tank Engine. But that's another topic for another day to be addressed in it's own post. It definitely deserves it; she's obsessed.


Liz Johnson said...

Awww he's so smitten with his girls. :) I vote for some of both, although I know how Ben feels... I wouldn't mind having all boys at this point!

heidizinha said...

jayson used to say the same things about having boys. and now that he has a girl, he thinks having all girls would be perfectly fine. amazing how that happens.

Benjamin said...

Having Paige has been a revelation into the mind of a little girl; something I've never experienced before. My only sister was several years older than me. While she's still very little, she's definitely ALL girl. I don't know if it's that she's still too young to know any different or that dada hasn't exactly been around to round out her perspective. Either way she's completely adorable. How could you not want more just like her?

Debbie said...

Even though the sex of the baby is determined by the male, look at the odds in your family!!! Of course I can't blame Ben for not minding all girls, have you seen the quality of girls your family produces? Paige is right in her element.

Chelsea said...

We are quality people! ;)

Anne said...

And you had nothing to blog about. You could always try our trick to make it happen. :)

lori said...

I did not know that about Ben. Well, from someone who hads 3 girls, I have to say its not too bad. we kind of like that our girls are tough and girly at the same time. But we are TERRIFIED for when they start PMSing. or wanting to shop. or buy hair products, or like boys, or want fancy weddings...Bahhh!

Ali said...

That's how Ashlyn is...princess everything...The polly pocket princesses are good for church and they fit in a little purse. :) I used a tackle box to put the little shoes in a compartment and the dresses in another...and then all the rest goes in the bottom. Ashlyn plays with them for hours. There's also this story book thing for Aurora that folds out into a castle...that is the girlie favorite and all Ashlyn's friends beg to get it out to play with too... Merry Christmas! Is she into dress up's yet?