Friday, November 21, 2008

Conversations with a 20 month old

Everyday I put Paige's hair in pigtails. We have a little routine where she sits on the edge of my bathroom countertop with her feet in the sink facing the mirror. I stand behind her and she watches me through the mirror while playing with the makeup/bottles/toothbrushes that are out on the counter.

Paige and I had the following exchange while I styled her hair today:

Me: Paige, please stop. (I was refering to her rubbing a comb in bar soap and then smearing the comb across the mirror)

Paige: (doesn't stop)

Me: I told you to stop and you didn't, now I have to take it away (I remove the soap dish from the counter and take the comb out of her hand). You need to listen to Mommy.

Paige: (leans forward stretching out her arms, trying to reach the mirror so she can smear the soap with her hands)

Me: (much more firmly than before while holding her arms down at her side) Paige! STOP! Sit still!

Paige: (while glaring at my reflection in the mirror) Briiiiidget! Knock. It. Off. Time out!

Me: Oh, don't talk to me like that; and my name is Mommy. Who needs time out? You?

Paige: No.

Me: Then who? Me?

Paige: (still glaring) Yes. Mama. Trouble. Trouuuuuuble.


Liz Johnson said...

Hahahaha. It sounds like you should probably be in time out instead of blogging, Bridget. :)

Wendi said...

Nice! Don't you love it when they start disciplining you?

heidizinha said...

that's better than mae yelling at me "momma be nice!" it happens several times a day. ah, sassy girls.

Chelsea said...

Maybe its a blessing that Andrew doesn't speak coherently yet.

Anne said...

Oh man, you're in for it. No worries, Cam puts me in time out all the time. I had a Twilight dream. :)

Jean said...

Hahaha, that is hilarious. Well, she's learning about discipline!!

Brooke said...

Some of that sounds VERY familiar!

Abbie said...

How did it take me this long to find your blog?! Praise the blog heavens for helping us stay in touch

Your little Paige is so cute! I love this story. Eli tells me to go to time out all the time. His latest thing is to say "Mommy be nice, okay?" when he senses frustration.

Now I will be stalking you...