Sunday, November 9, 2008

Football for the Ladies

So my older sister Noelle started her own business this year. If you are a girl and you like sports, then you should definitely check it out. If you don't like sports check it out anyway - you never know what might happen after taking a look at this site (I joined my first fantasy football league this year).

The main site is still in beta testing so keep that in mind. The boutique is fully functional and can be accessed through the ad below and through the ad on the side bar.

You can also see this add on seriouslysoblessed , and the jewelry will be featured in TAMN's November and December giveaways. If you don't already know what seriouslysoblessed is, you should definitely take a look - just remember to take your sense of humor with you.

FYI the jewelry'd make a great birthday or Christmas gift - especially with playoffs and bowl games just around the corner. And it doesn't have to be just for football. The number jewelry is great for ANY sport and the initial jewelry is obviously versatile as well.

PS I have both the beaded necklace chain and the silver logo charm and I love them. Also, the bracelet and necklace chains can be used with any charms you may already have.


Noelle said...

Thanks Bridge!!! You are the best!!! I sense some free jewelry in your future :).

Liz Johnson said...

I have been meaning to get on there. Time to go poke around!

Thanks, Bridget!

Jean said...

This is so awesome!! I love all the jewelry! And I love football. Yay!