Friday, November 14, 2008

2 Weeks Ago. . .

. . . we made it a whole block around my sister's neighborhood dressed in costumes and begging for candy. All of my parents' grandchildren were there (however, only the 4 youngest are pictured). Paige really liked the dressing up part, knew exactly what we were doing (having practiced at trunk or treat the week before), and did not complain once. It was an awesome Halloween.

Me and the little monkey.

Paige's cousin Maggie was "Monkey See"; Paige was "Monkey Do".

Paige's cousin Andrew was a banana. "Hey, Banana! Is your sucker as good as mine?"

And Paige's other cousin Anna was a penguin. A chocolate eating penguin.


Anne said...

She is sooo cute with her matching cousin! I saw Tigger, but where was your sweet cowgirl outfit? I know you've been wearing it everyday. :) One more week till Twilight!

Anne said...

BTW, Ben and Evan are about an hour apart...I think.

Emily said...

That is such a cute costume! We are going to have to have you over to play Thomas!!!! JC would love to show her the ins and outs I'm sure! That is so funny that she is so young and so into Thomas!