Wednesday, June 17, 2009

And The Winner Is. . .


aka Heidi, my good friend ever since our little league softball days. She is also expecting her second girl and is due only 2 weeks before me!

Congratulations Heidi!

You get to pick your prize. You can choose between a beaded binky holder, a set of three matching burp cloths, a baby bracelet (all made by me), or 'count down to baby' blocks made by my very talented sister, Amber.

We'll discuss your choice next time we talk.

Thanks for playing everyone! We are very excited for Paige to have a little sister. Paige is too. She talks to my tummy every day and frequently asks if we can just open up my belly button and take her out now :)


heidizinha said...


how do i choose?!?!

Emily said...

Congrats! Too bad I missed out on the contest. So did you find a doctor you liked up there?