Friday, June 12, 2009

Our Sweet Girl

Last night at dinner Paige was being silly. She was playing with a pat of butter, singing, and giggling to herself. Ben and I were both admiring her when Ben said, "Paige, I love you."

She stopped, looked up at him with serious eyes and replied, "Daddy, I'm so glad to have you back."

From the look on his face after that, I think his heart must have melted a little.


Anne said...

I'm pretty sure my heart just melted too.

Carly Andelin said...

Ah, that is so sweet. Those are the moments that feel like heaven.

lori said...

I love the "dont worry about it" comment. hilarious. So Leah thanked Heavenly Father tonight that you are going to be our neighbors. Uh. I guess she just cant accept it. So you guys were our discussion tonight before bedtime. i think Paige should tell her not to worry about it. Anyways, lets chat soon.