Monday, July 13, 2009

Wyatt Family Reunion

Fourth of July weekend was spent camping just outside of Burley, Idaho with my mother's mother's siblings and their families.

My grandparents met and married in Burley, Idaho, and my mother was born there. Two of my grandmother's four brothers still live there (along with some of their children and grandchildren).

I have fond memories of visiting Burley during the summer, going to the Cassia County fair and rodeo, playing on my great uncle Grant's farm, lying in my great-grandmother Wyatt's hammock, picking her raspberries, playing with distant cousins in great uncle Neil's basement, hiking around in the City of Rocks, the yummy smell of coffee at my Great Grandma Miller's, playing on the teeter-totter in the school playground near her house, running through the sprinklers in her backyard . . . . the list goes on.

This year I can add another fond memory to the list: camping!

We had a blast. Paige tasted her first toasted marshmallow, slept in a sleeping bag in a tent for the first time, roasted hot dogs over the fire, gorged herself on watermelon, and played, played, played with her cousins. Upon waking up after our first night there, she announced, "Camping is the ever best!"

We'll have to do it again.

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Anne said...

Did I ever tell you my mother in law is from Burley? Random. Glad you had a good time.