Wednesday, January 6, 2010

2 months

Claire hit the two month mark on New Year's Day. It was celebrated with a mild cold, pink eye, and thrush. That last one's a fun one for nursing moms, let me tell ya. Athlete's foot on your nipples anyone?

Anywho, we visited the pediatrician today for her check-up, and here's how she measures up:

Height: 23 in - 75%
Weight: 10 lbs 13 oz - 50%
Head circumference: 39 cm - 50%

Her weight was in the 75% just four weeks ago - the doctor was a little concerned and wants to "keep an eye on that". I can't tell you how this compares to Paige at this age, because I don't remember. But if she's anything like Paige (which, there's a good chance she's not - just look 4 posts below for evidence), Claire's weight percentile will just keep dropping and dropping until she hovers somewhere around 2% and I avoid well-child check-ups like the plague.


Anne said...

Boo for all the sicknesses, especially thrush, but she is adorable. I love the pictures of her. She is so sweet.

noelle said...

i wish she didn't cry every time i looked at her because i just want to cuddle her.

That Girl said...

My Jordan is actually BELOW the percentile range right now. I'm currently afraid of the doctor.

How many times have I told you how gorgeous your daughters are?!

HB said...

Cute, beautiful face!
Then there's my Campbell...started out in 90th percentile on all and is holding