Friday, January 8, 2010

New Rooms

On Christmas Eve, Santa and his elves finished Paige's "big girl" room; they even moved some of her furniture out of the nursery and into her new space while she slept. The final gift that Paige opened on Christmas morning was the door to her new room. And, wow, was she surprised. She was actually speechless for a moment, trying to catch her breath, and then exclaimed, "it's so beautiful, guys!".

The bed was my bed when I was little. It's a 'youth' size bed - smaller than a twin and larger than toddler - which is no longer made, so I had to custom order a mattress and buy twin bedding, which actually worked out really well. Ben repainted the bed, we moved her canopy, table, some of her books and her reading chair from her old room, hung a new shelf on the wall, and, well, there you have it. Santa was also kind enough to leave a nice new pink kitchen (the gift she'd asked for) in the corner.

I have a few more things I'd like to do to the space. It needs a bookshelf, and some art on the walls. There's a dresser that matches the bed that I need to get from my sister, and I think we may hang a girly chandelier. . .

With Paige in her "big girl" room, the nursery is now free for the baby. Claire's been rooming in with us since she was born, but now that she has about an 8 hour stretch at night without nursing, it's time for her to move to her own room. Paige was also about 10 weeks old when she graduated from the bassinet by mom to the crib in the nursery. It's a bittersweet milestone for me. I'll miss being able to gaze at her while I fall asleep, but at the same time I'll enjoy having my room back.

We've kept the same crib, bedding, and rug that Paige used, but I'm looking forward to adding some things to the room that will be unique for Claire.

(something my mom made for me for my very first mother's day)

It's a good thing my craft room is almost ready for use - I'm going to need it!


Anne said...

I love her response. What a gem she is.

Amber said...

Ummm...eight hours at night? So not fair.

Anonymous said...

It looks great! What cute rooms for such cute girls:)

Janelle said...

Great job on the rooms. They look so cute it makes me want a girl.