Sunday, February 21, 2010

16 Weeks

Paige has said that Claire is the best baby ever, and I would have to agree except that she ties with Paige which makes her one of the best babies ever :)

At any rate, she is pretty great. From her cheerful gurgles and smiles in the mornings to her grumpy frustrated yelps in the evenings, I love EVERYTHING about that little baby. I even love when she gets really mad. Really, REALLY mad. It happened this evening. She decided she was hungry while Ben was changing her diaper, and she just exploded. Red face, tight fists, stiff legs, and yells. Not crying, YELLS. That baby can yell. Even Paige (the loudest kid in the universe) covers her ears. For some reason I react to Claire's infrequent yelling fits with laughter. I just can't help but smile. Maybe it's the sudden onset or the intensity and it takes me by surprise. Or maybe I can smile because I know it will stop just as quickly as it started. I think mostly I just appreciate that she knows what she wants and she is going to let you (me) know it too. I admire that. Anyway, she's definitely got a temper (now I wonder where she got that from....), although it doesn't show up often.

Some other things we love about Claire:
  • Her precious dimple (singular) - seriously it will make your heart melt
  • She's patient (mostly) and watchful
  • Those deep blue eyes (please stay blue!)
  • She falls asleep in her crib by herself
  • Her coos and goos - she gets especially talkative right before she gets tired
  • She takes a pacifier (so nice!)
  • Her snorts and horse noises (what's that called when horse's blow air through their lips? - Claire does that)
  • and that wonderfully intoxicating baby smell that makes me want to nibble her neck (and listen to her giggle) all day long
My mother once told me the reason she kept having kids is because she loves babies so much. I think I'd have to agree with her, because almost-3-year-olds?, yeah, not so much.


Amber said...

She's so cute. i can't wait to see her next month.

Jean said...

Oh cute!! What a happy little girl!! I love when babies are in soft, comfy outfits like that because they're so soft and cuddly to hold!!

Anne said...

Yeah, older kids don't smell as good, and their breath stinks. They have their redeeming qualities, but babies can do no wrong.

hilary w said...

I couldn't agree more! I LOVE babies. They seem even more refreshing once you have older kids, too, don't they? Having a baby that never throws tantrums, doesn't yell at you, or doesn't try to do naughty things is a dream compared to toddlers and preschoolers!

emily said...

and once they get old enough to cause trouble and throw tantrums, time to have another!! Mostly kind of kidding:) She is such a sweet baby, I can't believe that she is already 4 months old!