Sunday, September 19, 2010

Cute Girls

Last week we took yet another trip to Thanksgiving Point. Paige has been begging to go back to the Discovery Gardens, and I figured we'd better go before it's no longer warm enough to splash around Noah's Ark. We invited my friend, Heidi, and her girls, and they brought along their cousin, Stella.

Heidi reminded me a few weeks ago via text that we have been friends for 20 years! Amazing. (We met playing softball in about 4th grade). And now we each have two daughters, the same ages. Also amazing! AND so so SO so much fun!

The three-year-olds courtesy of Heidi's iPhone.
This Picture make me want to be 3. They look so happy!

Paige figured out how to reach the drinking fountain!
I think Mae helped :)

Cute babies' bums/Exploring the water

An attempt to get them all in one picture/Penny stealing the show

Does it get any cuter?!

Agh! Looking at this picture makes me
want to go wake Claire up and squeeze her!

I'm loving all these girls!


Anne said...

I want to wake CLaire up and squeeze her too.

Kurt and Jordan said...

Those pictures are so cute!!! you have such gorgeous kids, too bad we are related! I have never been there, I might have to try it this next week!