Monday, September 13, 2010



I had a great day. Mostly thanks to my wonderful husband who arranged for a friend (THANK YOU, Kelly) to watch our kids this morning and then sent me off to the spa for a facial, manicure, and pedicure. Then he had a present waiting for me when I got home. Then after he got out of class he brought home a bouquet of flowers and the babysitter. Then he took me here where we took these pictures with my phone.

(I kicked butt, by the way)

Then he took me out to a yummy dinner and dessert.

Like I said, I had a great day, AND I didn't have to plan a single thing!


Kendra said...

Boo for turning 30 but yay for awesome husbands! Way to go Ben!

Kurt and Jordan said...

Happy Birthday!!!!! Sounds like you had a fun day! Way to go Ben! I have been to that place before, it's so much fun!!!

Marci and Morgan said...

Sounds sublime- what a good man Ben!

Anne said...

Wow Ben. Good work. Welcome to your 30s.