Saturday, April 16, 2011

Catch Up

Wow. I can't believe it's been over a month since my last post. And guess what. I haven't taken a single picture since then either. What in the world?! It's not like we haven't been doing things. There were many picture worthy happenings.

In no particular order:

The girls and I went to visit my parents one weekend in St. George while Ben had drill. We made a little trip to the sand dunes, which Chelsea and I raced up and then down :)

My parents came to visit up here for like 2 weeks - Claire has asked for them by name (Honey? Papa?) every single day since; sometimes first thing in the morning, often while looking longingly out the window. She is now also very familiar with and fond of "doduts" (donuts).

Papa and Paige and Claire rode the tractor. And the horses, kind of.

My mom and I went skiing at Deer Valley! Just the two of us! My only day out on the slopes this year. It was lovely. Thanks, Mom!

Ben and I went on a real date and ate at Shabu Shabu House and saw Adjustment Bureau while the girls basked in the attention of their babysitters/grandparents, and we didn't worry about them one bit.

My sister and her two kids, who are the same ages as my two kids, came to visit. We played and shopped and talked and ate Chick-Fil-A and Cocoa Bean cupcakes.

My niece had the mother of all 4-yr-old birthday parties at Provo Beach Resort.

My nephew turned 1 and destroyed/enjoyed an entire half of the giantest chocolate cake you can buy.

3 daffodils sprouted and bloomed in the middle of my lawn. They were not there last year.

I got a very part-time job (not really picture worthy).

I've been crafting for Easter. A lot. Well, . . . a lot for me. (while watching Ugly Betty on netflix).

I started a menu/grocery shopping system and I've stuck with it for 4 weeks (again not picture worthy). It's been great. I may share more about that in a separate post.

We (including Ben!) visited the baby goats at Thanksgiving Point farm. Claire was adorable feeding those goats. So brave and giggly the entire time. I was a teensy bit afraid for her fingers.

We've had a couple of yummy Sunday dinners in Heber with the cousins and second cousins.

I went to "Girls Night Out" at Seasons of Home with my grandma, aunt, mother, and sister.


I held a small lunch/play-date/baby shower at my house for two of my most favorite people. We had 8 little girls and 1 baby boy running around :). One of those friends gave birth to her 3rd girl less than a week later. I've visited her twice. So sweet.

The End. Although I am sure I'm forgetting something.

- - - - - - - - - - -

As I read back over that I am kicking myself for not taking any pictures! I vow to do better this month.

And, if you read all of that, you deserve some kind of award.

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Anne said...

Since I read the whole thing, can my reward be you telling me about your job?