Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Menu Planning

This little tool has been keeping me organized lately.

Because of this simple little weekly calendar stuck to the side of my fridge, my weekly menus are planned, my grocery shopping is quicker, cheaper, and much more enjoyable, my afternoons are less stressful, and dinner is always ready on time. Seriously, I'm not exaggerating. Having the menu out for all to see makes me plan better meals, and reminds me to move things from the freezer to the fridge to defrost the night before. Planning the menu for a whole week also forces me to plan other things about my week -- what we have planned during the day definitely impacts what we'll eat that night: will I have enough energy to cook? should a certain day be a crockpot day? what night will work best for pizza?

After 3 hours of church on Sunday mornings, a quick lunch, and putting the girls down for naps/quiet time, I retreat to the craft room to plan my week and menu. I actually look forward to it.

I'm sure most of you reading this already have a system in place. But up until about 4 weeks ago, I didn't! I wouldn't say the way I was doing things before was bad, but I will say that this way is SO much better. It has definitely simplified my life.

I pretty much followed the tutorial from here.
I got my 12 x 12 inch frame for half off from Hobby Lobby and
used E-6000 (best craft glue ever) to attach my magnets.


Kelly Nordfelt said...

I love it! AND it looks like I should have been at your house for dinner last night!! :)

emily said...

After years of avoiding meal planning like the plague, I am on a roll myself! I used to avoid anything that took time and energy to come up with... but the same 3 meals can only be done so many times in a month! I totally agree with you. I spend less and stress less, it is so much better. However, I do need your cute weekly calendar! Right now I just write on a scrap of paper and stick it to the fridge. Not cute.