Tuesday, December 13, 2011

3 1/2 Weeks til My Due Date . . .

. . . although at my appointment last week the OB said he didn't think I would make it to January. So, we are slowly but surely finalizing preparations around here. Such as:
  • I made a crib bumper (spare me the lectures) that I am super proud of especially since I am not an accomplished seamstress or even an amateur seamstress (although maybe now I can call myself that).
  • My hospital bags are packed. Claire came in less than 2 hours so we need to be prepared to get to the hospital fast.
  • Christmas is ready except for the wrapping. I should probably tackle that before the weekend.
  • The baby's things are all washed and ready to be used.
  • I ordered the new car seat today. It gets here tomorrow. Isn't that amazing?! Free shipping, in one day, and the best price online or in stores. I don't use it much but when I do I love diapers.com.
  • My new camera lens arrived today. It's awesome. I broke the 2nd of 2 that I owned on the day of my baby shower (boo!) so I haven't taken pictures in two months! I finally talked myself into buying it and now wonder why I waited so long. I'm going to need it to take pictures of Christmas and of course of the new baby. Merry Christmas to me!
  • And finally, I have a growing list of things for Ben to do once he finishes finals this Friday: A light fixture to hang, a bed to put together (for us), a book shelf to put up in the nursery, etc.
One thing we have not done yet is name this baby! Why has it been so hard to decide on a boy name? We had Paige and Claire named within weeks of our 20 wk ultrasounds, so the fact that we are just weeks and maybe just days away from meeting our son and we STILL haven't picked a name (or really even agreed on any) kind of worries me.

So, please, take the poll in the sidebar. One or the other of us has suggested each of the names listed. And if you have a different first name/middle name combination to suggest, go ahead and comment! We need all the help we can get. Maybe you guys can convince one of us to just give in already :)


MaryClaire said...

So, I voted, but I really like them all. You can't go wrong with any of them. Boy names are the worst. Dylan wasn't named until the equipment we left the hospital because I refused to leave without naming him. I didn't want to sewon with the hassle of that. Good luck.

Liz Johnson said...

Boy names are just ridiculously hard! I'm sorry! I voted for Connor (quite the surprise, eh?), but I also really love Wyatt. If you went with Grant, then all of your kids would have monosyllabic names... so if you want to continue the trend, that's the easy choice! :)

Abby said...

Ugh. I agree. Boy names are hard. Even when we tried to pick a boy name before we found out gender, we could never agree! How about Cameron Charles? I also really like the name Grant but I think it'd flow better if you did Benjamin Grant Reed and just called him by his middle name. :D

Ashley Preston said...

So excited for you guys! Sounds like you're ready for this baby boy to come. I'm sure you'll come up with the right name soon. As for your leftovers...send them our way. (We're having a baby boy in April and can't decide on a name either.) I think boys are harder to name than girls. Have a great Christmas and I can't wait to see pictures posted of your babe!

Brittny said...

I'm glad we are finally blog friends! Your girls are soooo cute! I can not believe how big they are and that you are expecting another! How exciting! You look amazing! Good luck with the name choice, we are having the same problem.

emily said...

Are you kidding me? This baby is supposed to be named Wyatt. And I am always amazed at how organized you are! You are more than ready for this baby! Can't wait:)

Jason, Heidi, Nicholas, Russell said...

I asked Paige the baby's name and she told me it's Charles Connor Reed.
My favorite is Grant. Maybe that's because Uncle Grant is such a nice guy.
I'm sure you guys will know once he arrives.